2nd Grade Checklist

School has begun for most families, and every state/county is doing something different with their education. The county I currently reside in is full speed completely online. Parents are struggling at times, teachers are struggling, students are already sick of screen time. If you are one of those parents, you may be asking yourself why you aren’t just homeschooling your children yourself instead.

Either way, being sure your child is meeting/passing their milestones for their age and grade can be daunting on any normal day. While I already compiled a list for kindergarten and 1st grade, I wanted to continue the lists for the rest of the elementary grades. So here is 2nd grade. As I’ve stated before, requirements for 2nd grade vary from school district to district and state to state. Also this list is based primarily on my own observations with my 3 children who have already completed 2nd grade. If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please feel free to send me a message.

As you can see the list is becoming smaller compared to prior grade levels. This is due to learning more complexities of subjects instead of just barely touching the surface. Children are not learning less each year, they are just having a more focused and detailed dive into their learning.

If you are interested in my other school check lists they are listed below

Another thing to think about and keep an eye on is AR reading (accelerated reader program). Some schools begin AR in kindergarten, others wait until later grades. Either way, most schools are doing AR by 2nd grade. While I will be doing a thorough dive into what AR is and how to make it work for your child, just know the basis of it is to entice children to learn to love reading and to keep tabs on their comprehension skills from the books they read.

Are there any topics that are a must learn in 2nd grade? Have you had a 2nd grader and feel like some of these topics aren’t as necessary? Hope y’all are having an amazing week, stay safe, and hug your loved ones.

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  • Maria

    Hello there!

    I hope this email finds you well. I want thank you for this wonderful 2nd grade list that’s helping my daughter at home during homeschooling & summer school. Shes says “it’s easy Peezy Lemon squeezy” lol . She enjoys learning & we appreciate you for time to write this list. Thank you & Have a wonderful day!

    Mom from Kissimmee, Florida

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