Gifts for Him-Father’s Day Ideas

We all have someone special in our lives that is a father figure; whether it is your own father, a father-in-law, grandpa, husband, partner, coach, teacher…someone to look up to and give you advice and unconditional love.  With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share some of my picks for gifts.  And if the man/men in your life are just as difficult to shop for as my husband and dad; then this post will really come in handy.  While I am a little late in the game for posting, these gifts would be appropriate for any occasion.

One of my most favorite gifts I gave Mr. Man was a personalized tie from 21 Rhinos.  Mr. Man is a rather conservative dresser; his closet mostly consists of variations of blues and greys with a muted green, red, or purple interspersed very rarely in between.  He is very hard to shop for, especially when it comes to items he will wear.  But he loves the tie I gifted him.  The way 21 Rhinos works is you select your tie pattern and then in the order form you attach the image you’d like screen printed on the underside of the tip of the tie.  The quality of the tie and the screen printing is just as good as any other tie I’ve purchased for Mr. Man.


Another gift Mr. Man has enjoyed has been 2 customized, wooden items I found on Etsy.  The first is a coin holder and the second is a nightstand organizer.  Mr. Man has acquired quite a coin collection over the last 13 years serving in the Air Force.  He didn’t have anywhere to display them, so I thought a coin holder would be perfect for him.  I bought it 4 or so years ago, and he has since added to his collection and now not all of them fit in the holder; so I think this year I might get him a bigger one.

The nightstand organizer was a total impulse buy.  A few years ago, I still hadn’t found the perfect gift for Mr. Man for Christmas.  As I was browsing Etsy, I came across the organizer and gave it a shot.  Turns out it was the perfect thing to mount his phone to charge, display his watches and a place to set his glasses so they wouldn’t get lost.  I also really like the idea of supporting a small business owner instead of someone like Amazon…even though I do more than my fair share of shopping with them.


Another gift that you can’t go wrong with, is a subscription box.  Just like the ones I mentioned for the Mother’s Day post, there are several options for a variety of interests…and it’s the gift that gives all year round.

For the sports lover, this bi-monthly subscription is perfect.  They have an MLB and an NBA option and every other month when the box arrives it will be full of apparel, memorabilia and various other sports goodies.  Just pick his favorite team and all of the items in the box will be gear from that team.

If the man you are shopping for is more interested in style, then the SprezzaBox is for him.  This box is $28 a month or if you pay for a year upfront you save yourself $3 each month.  It comes with a variety of items that guarantee to equal over $100 in value.  Some items that could be in a box are accessories such as sunglasses, ties, lapel pins, credit card multitool etc.  A stylist helps procure items for each month’s box based on the detailed questions that are answered when forming a profile.  Also free U.S. shipping, as well as SprezzaBox ships to 40 different countries.

The Butcher Box is an excellent option for the foodies.  Receive premium quality meat in each box, and for a limited of time, they are giving customers free bacon for life.  Which means every box you receive will have a free package of premium bacon.  They have several options for the types of meat you can receive monthly.  There is the mixed box that has a variety of beef, pork and chicken, the beef and pork box, the beef and chicken box; and then there is a customize box.  You can order 24 meals or 48 meals at a time and decide if you’d like it to come every 30 or 60 days.  If you order 24 meals at a time, each meal comes to $5.38 per meal; if you order 48 meals at a time it comes to $4.96 per meal.  You can also customize each box with add-ons of bacon and various types of ground meat.  The beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, heritage breed pork, and free-range organic chicken.  AND…for a limited of time Groupon is offering up to 37% off your first box, which includes the free bacon for life.

What are you gifting to the father in your life?  How are you celebrating him?  We are going to celebrate my dad and Mr. Man by an amazing home cooked dinner (which will be heart healthy) and a few surprises up my sleeve.  With dad being 19 days post heart attack and 17 days post double bypass, as well as Mr. Man having an emergency appendectomy at the beginning of the week, I am especially grateful for the fathers in my life.  Dad came home from the hospital yesterday and is spending a few more days at my house before he and mom are heading back to their home in Idaho.  I have much to be grateful for this Father’s Day.

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