Almond Joy Sheet Cake

Mr. Man’s favorite candy bar is the Almond Joy…well actually he really enjoys coconut, so any candy bar that has coconut in it…he’ll go for it.  When I introduced him to the Idaho Spud Bar, he about died…not entirely sure if it was because it totally looks like a potato, or because it is coconutty, chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness.

Either way, when I was asking what he wanted as dessert for his birthday, I was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t request a carrot cake like he normally does.  When I showed him this Almond Joy cake he totally went for it.  It is a super easy recipe and very decadent.  The only thing I would change to the original recipe is instead of making a chocolate ganache for the top I would sprinkle mini semi-sweet chocolate chips in with the slivered almonds.  Between the chocolate cake with the added almond extract and the coconut marshmallow filling, topping it with the chocolate ganache makes it too sweet, even for my tastes.  If you’d like to get the original recipe, click here.  Be prepared for the ultimate sugar coma after consumption.

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