New Project: Grand Opening

It is probably quite obvious that I have been MIA for several…well more than several…months. Unintentional, I assure you. While there are a handful of reasons I took an unscheduled leave, one major one was a new project I’ve been working on. One of my major hobbies behind the scenes is all things planning and journaling. Over the years I have noticed a lack of planner inserts and spreads that include specific nutritional tracking.

Most often, I’ve encountered individuals who do track various health things, have to create or draw out their own nutrition inserts for their journals and planners. I decided to jump on this untapped niche. I took a dive headfirst, like I do with most big projects, and began creating downloadable and customizable inserts that are specific to health, fitness, and nutrition.

While I am still working like crazy to create more inserts geared toward all types of nutrition, fitness, and health; I am up and running with the current ones I do have available. I also have some in development stage for Keto, couch to 5k, sleep tracking, and various others. I am also planning on releasing new sizes in the shop as well such as HP Classic, Hobonichi Weeks, and others.

Additionally, I wanted dashboards with inspirational sayings that are geared specifically toward the average woman. The woman who has been trying to lose the baby weight for the past 10 years. The woman who bakes her children cookies, but deprives herself a taste because of that inner voice that isn’t kind and won’t shut up.

All of these downloadable inserts come in zip files with 7 sizes of printout options including: A5, half letter, B6, A6, personal, personal wide, and pocket. Because these are printable and customizable, their sizes can be adjusted for various planners and notebooks.

So, if you are a planner like I am and you have been wanting something for health, nutrition, or fitness; then please go check out my new Etsy shop. Use coupon code GRANDOPENING20 at checkout to receive 20% off your total purchase. This code is good for one week and can be used multiple times.

Hope y’all are having an amazing week. Stay safe, be kind, and hug your loved ones.

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