Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s national chocolate chip cookie day!  Probably one of the best holidays ever; and I never miss an excuse to make and then consume mass quantities of cookies.  I have to admit though, the chocolate chip cookie has been one that has eluded me.  Just about every recipe I’ve tried has failed the taste test.  In my book, a chocolate chip cookie should be chocolatey, chewy in the middle and crisp on the edges.  So when Sally from Sally’s Baking Addiction posted her chewy chocolate chunk cookie recipe today on Instagram, I had to give it a try.  Sally has never let me down…she is a culinary genius and every one of her recipes that I have tried have been flawless and amazing.  Her recipes are the only ones I’ve ever made and didn’t feel the need to make any modifications.  The best part about her chewy chocolate chunk cookies is just how giant they are!

Just take a look…her directions say to roll 3 tablespoons of dough together and the end result is cookies the size of your palm.  SO GOOD!  If you just need this recipe in your life like I do, then click here

Did you make any cookies today?  Do you have a tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Hope y’all are having an amazing weekend.

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