Friday Faves

With Goob turning 1 month old tomorrow, life has been crazy beautiful as a family of 6.  A few of these items are oldies but goodies and some are new favorites, but all of them have made my life over the last month easier and more enjoyable as a new mom…again.  In the chaos of family life, I like to remember how it feels to be put together and feel beautiful.  And as a mid-30s woman, I like to think that birthing 4 children (2 at one time) haven’t aged me too much.

I am loving these button down, tie front tunics.  They are SO comfortable and make nursing/pumping extremely easy for a new mom.  This particular one has a waffle pattern and is SO SO soft.  I have two long sleeves and one short sleeve.  I have seen these tops everywhere lately.  Definitely on point for this spring’s fashion.

About a month ago I made the unfortunate discovery that I have acquired a lot of age spots on my face.  Thank you YoYo for pointing out my many ‘new’ freckles and that I have a Mikey mole like he does.  I cannot say if my new found freckles are from genetics and aging, or if it was being sick and having gallbladder issues for my whole pregnancy; either way, I am not loving the freckles.  So this month I have been on a hunt for beauty products that can lighten dark spots and/or help bring hydration and life back to my skin.  The Boscia face mask has been one of my go-to’s.  And then after peeling it off, any leftover mask I use the makeup remover cloth to clean up the rest.  The makeup remover cloth is also amazing and WAY better than disposable makeup cloths.

Invisibobble hair ties have always been a favorite of mine.  They hold my thick hair, they don’t snap, and they don’t make kinks in my hair.  I wear them at the gym, and for a stylish ponytail.  Best hair tie ever!


The Gerber Babynes Formula machine and the Zipadee Zip sleep sacks have made mom life so easy this month.  Goob has done amazingly well going between formula and breast milk.  He always seems to eat like it’s his last meal.  I nursed YoYo completely for 13 months, but I chose to not be exclusive with Goob.  He has also been my one baby who likes to start out swaddled, but within 10 minutes of falling asleep is grunting and wiggling to get his arms out.  The Zipadee Zip has been wonderful for him.  He feels swaddled, but still has the freedom to move, which in turn keeps his noisy grunting to a minimum.

I am a makeup junkie, but the one item I love more than others is a beautiful lipstick or lipgloss.  I am such a sucker for them.  This month I have been loving Tom Ford’s lipsticks, and of course, I have the nude colors.  Once upon a time, I loved wearing bold lip colors…now I have a rainbow full of nude lipsticks.  I found Paper Doll and Blush Nude at Nordstroms.

What are your current favorites?  Comment below and let me know which products you can’t get enough of right now.  It can be a baby/mom item that makes your life easier, it can be a beauty product, a clothing item, a new app, even another individual’s blog, youtube page or podcast.  I’d love to know what y’all are loving at the moment.

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