Legoland: How to Maximize Your Visit

Legos have been a staple in my boys’ lives for as long as I can remember…and ever since the Lego Movie came out, the 3 Amigos began begging to visit Legoland. Last year we made the decision to finally go as a family. We purchased a 3-day visit hopper pass that could be used within a year of the purchase date. Thus, attending Legoland 3 full days within a year, I have been able to make a list of the top 10 tips to maximize your visit to Legoland. I might add, we went to Legoland California. While I have never been to Legoland Florida, I am assuming that most of these tips will apply to both locations.

  1. The first tip: download the Legoland app. It will only completely work when you are actually in Legoland, but it is amazing! The app has several features such as wait times for each ride, as well as a navigation feature that will help you find rides, shows, and food vendors. Other features include purchasing tickets, reserve’n’ride, book Lego Hotel/Castle stays, etc.

2. Tip number 2: Purchase the VIP parking. It is $10 more than regular parking, and if you are going on a day that is typically not busy, or arrive extra early, you may want to skip the VIP parking. BUT…every time we went to Legoland, we paid for the premium parking and it was SO worth it at the end of the day when our legs were jello and our kids are acting like they were at death’s door.

3. Next tip: If you have purchased the hopper tickets that get you into the park, aquarium, and Chima Waterpark (which I highly recommend) note the differing times each park opens and closes. When we have gone we typically spent the morning at the main park, riding rides, then the afternoon at the Chima Waterpark. We went back to the main park to ride more rides, then we finished out the day with the aquarium. While the aquarium is amazing, it isn’t terribly in-depth so it doesn’t take long to walk through.

4. Tip number 4: If you want to ride the Ninjago ride, wait times are the lowest at the end of the day…unless you have the reserve’n’ride passes. The real tip number 4 is when you arrive, head straight to the back of the park where the Knight’s Tournament and Royal Joust rides are. I’ve discovered that most visitors head right for the closest rides as soon as they enter the main park. If you go to the back and work your way forward then you will be more likely to encounter shorter wait lines.

5. Best tip, tip number 5: while you are in the Midevil area of the park, you MUST hit up Granny Smith’s Apple Fries. Your mouth with thank you! They are the best things ever. Our family loves them SO much we have to purchase each individual their own apple fries.

6. Tip number 6: if you can, attend Legoland during October. They have Brick-or-Treat every Saturday evening. It’s a fun parade and the kids usually dress up in costumes.

7. Next tip: Have your kiddos bring a Lego Mini-Figure to swap with any Legoland employee. Each employee carries mini-figures on their name tags and is completely willing to swap with you. They will swap the whole mini-figure or parts. All you have to do is ask.

8. Tip for souvenirs: in case you are wondering, most of the Lego sets available for purchase are WAY cheaper than anywhere else…believe me, every time we go we Google it. Legoland is SO much cheaper than Amazon. ALSO…Legoland offers a free service that you can purchase souvenirs at any store in the park and they will hold it for free for you at the front of the park for you to pick up on your way out. That way you don’t have to make a run to your vehicle after purchases or wait til the end of the day to battle everyone else who waited for the end of the day to make their souvenir purchases.

9. Tip number 9: the only souvenir I wanted every time we went to Legoland was a caricature family photo. The first two times I went, I scoped out every caricature location and knew exactly which one would be easy to go to. The employees change, and they all seemed great whenever I creepily watched them. I mainly wanted to know the exact locations of the caricature booths. There is one right behind the Ninjago area in front of the Aquazone Wave Racer ride. The other caricature location is right outside the Knight’s Tournament ride.

10: Last tip: Legoland makes allowances for certain foods that can be brought in. They allow a soft cooler for water and small snacks. We ALWAYS bring a cooler full of water bottles and then snacks that don’t melt. Typically crackers, Nilla Wafers, fruit snacks etc.

Bonus tips…first, if you have kiddos who are 9 years old or older then you can sign them up for the Lego Mindstorm Class. Spaces are limited so if you want to sign your children up for this, I highly recommend to arrive at the main park early and head straight for the Imagination Zone for signups. Last tip, for 2019 only, Legoland is giving children free one day pass on the day of their birthday. 2019, Legoland California turns 20 and to celebrate they want to share the fun. In order to do this, you must provide proof of birthday…birth certificate, government-issued ID, passport.

Have you been to Legoland? Do you have any tips I did not mention? Hope y’all have an amazing week.

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