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Life Audit-2019

I am a list maker, goal setter, time blocker, planner…post-its are everywhere and my planner is almost always open so I know what’s coming. Years ago, I assumed I did this was because I was organized and in charge of my life. Now I know it is the complete opposite. I make lists, time block and plan because I try to anticipate change. It is my way of attempting to control the uncontrollable. And, of course, while I know life is full of chaos and change, that still doesn’t stop me from attempting some control.

Every December for as long as I can remember, I take nearly the whole month to contemplate how that year played out. What the highlights were and what I wish I could change. Habits I feel I need to throw away and habits I decide to begin incorporating into my life. This last December was no different than years past. I had even found Rachel Hollis, an amazing author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker…I listened to her book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ on Audible. I loved every word she spoke and took to heart every piece of advice she gave. I began formulating my plan for 2019. I even decided I needed to write down my goals every day as she had suggested. I purchased a Start Today Journal and began filling it with my most wanted goals. I just knew that this year I would conquer, I would gain a huge following, I would help make a difference in others’ lives, I would finally finish my dietetics degree, I would…I would…I would.

When January rolled around and I realized I wouldn’t be jumping in head first into any of my goal setting to-do lists, at first I was positive I would just pick up everything the next month. Through the entire recovery of my first eye surgery, I would lay flat on my back, staring at the ceiling making mental lists of how I would stay on track and achieve everything I had set out to achieve. When February came and went, then March and April, I soon became despondent. I was disappointed in myself for not pushing through and keeping my eye on the prize through the trials that had spontaneously cropped up.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I was casually browsing Pinterest (Matthew likes to call it internet hoarding), where I came across a Life Audit. I was intrigued. As I researched what a life audit was, my hope began to return. I realized that just because I felt like I had unintentionally wasted almost half of the year already, didn’t mean I still couldn’t make a difference, couldn’t achieve my goals. My perspective changed. It was right then I decided that December wasn’t the time to make changes and prepare for the future. Any time was the time. So…I did a life audit.

There are many ideas on how to do a life audit, but the basics are always an evaluation of your habits. I split mine up into mind, body, and soul. I evaluated not only habits, both good and bad, but I also dug deep into my relationships. For example, while I love my relationship with Dr. Pepper, it was 100% a dependency relationship…so it had to go.

I knew I couldn’t be hard on myself, I had to not just pinpoint the negative, but also celebrate the positive. AND I had to be 100% honest with my wants and needs and if my wants and needs outweighed each other. I graded each area on a scale from 1-10 and recognized what needed work and what I do exceptionally well.

I also decided that this life audit wasn’t just for goal setting. And it wasn’t going to ‘end’ at midnight on December 31st. This would be a continuous project. That is the thing about a life audit, is you can do it at any time. You can redo it over and over…there are no limits.

If you are interested in a life audit, if you are stuck in a rut, if you are lacking inspiration, if you are depressed or anxious and feel like your life is out of your control…do a life audit! A life audit not only recognizes your weaknesses and what areas of your life need work, but it also celebrates your strengths. Of all of life audits, this one was my favorite. Elle doesn’t sugar coat things, but she will hold your hand through it.

Have you completed a life audit before? How well did it work for you? Did you use a different method? Hope y’all are having an amazing week!

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