DIY: Bouncy Balls

It is truly amazing the types of activities you can do that completely blow kids’ minds. Homemade bouncy balls is exactly one of those activities. With social distancing currently being the norm, I challenged myself to be a little bit more hands on with our homeschooling routine. So we’ve been doing some sort of craft or science experiment every week. This week was bouncy balls.

It was super fun and took no more than an hour. In that time we were able to set up, make several bouncy balls, and then clean up. This activity is definitely a fun one, and the perfect thing to do with your kiddos on afternoons where the weather isn’t cooperating or an activity to add to a STEM day.

DIY: Bouncy Balls

Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time30 minutes
Total Time35 minutes


  • 1 Tbsp Borax
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • Clear Elmer's Glue
  • loose glitter


  • In one bowl, add in the Borax and the hot water and stir until the Borax is completely dissolved. Set aside to let cool.
  • In another bowl add in the clear Elmer's glue and sprikle in desired amount of glitter. The more gliter the more opaque the bouncy ball will be. The less glitter the more clear. Mix to combine.
  • You need to use the Elmer's brand and you need it to be the clear glue. There is just something about that composition that works the best. The glow in the dark and the glitter type of Elmer's glue also works, but not as well.
  • Once the Borax solution is cooled enough to be able to touch, pour in the glitter glue mixture into the Borax solution and stir to allow the glue to begin to solidify. Once the glue starts to come together, use your fingers and begin molding it together while it hardens.
  • When the glitter glue begins to harden, take it out of the Borax solution and mold it in your hands trying to squeeze all of the air bubbles out. As you do this it will slowly begin to dry, once the air bubbles are out and the glue mixture is drying, roll it into a ball.

You can do several bouncy balls with one Borax solution. You do not need to dump out the solution and start from the beginning for each bouncy ball. When I did this activity with my amigos, we each had our how Borax solution in a bowl and was able to make several bouncy balls each.

If you have never heard of Borax, it is a very potent laundry detergent. It is found close to the bleach, and if you have sensitive skin, try to avoid coming in contact with the Borax powder. Once it is diluted with the hot water, you should be fine. Unlike bleach though, it won’t hurt your clothing or furniture. In fact, it is a very effective cleaner for bathrooms and kitchen when diluted in water and then poured into a spray bottle.

ALSO…technically while this does make bouncy balls, the glitter glue ball is actually a very thick putty and if left alone will lose shape and begin to flatten. Very much like silly putty. Not to worry, the ball can easily be reshaped, but I am telling you this little tidbit of information so you will make sure your children place their bouncy balls in a Ziploc bag or container instead of on their carpet or bed and then walk away.

How are you keeping your children busy during this crazy ‘stay-at-home’ time? Are you totally crushing the homeschool and keeping your kiddos occupied, or are you finding yourself locked up in your bedroom hoarding all of the Easter candy? Don’t worry, I’ve been in both of these places…and we’ve been homeschooling for a while. Just know that it’s OK to feel inadequate, but don’t let it consume you.

Kids learn in multiple ways, if the homeschooling is taking over and causing crankiness all around, take a step back and have STEM day. There is SO much you can do with just what you have at home to stimulate your kiddos’ creativity!

Hope y’all are having and amazing week, and staying safe and happy!

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