Holiday Craft: Paper Bag Snowflakes

One of my most favorite activities are ones that are cheap, easy to do for almost all ages, and look pretty when finished. When I saw someone else do this paper bag snowflake craft, I knew I would be inflicting my crafty side on the boys. I also knew that if the snowflakes turned out, I would be using them in our holiday decor this year.

In all, it took the amigos and I less than a hour from start to finish. I manned the hot glue gun and honestly the gluing of the paper bags together is what took the longest. Once the bundles were each glued together, it took no time at all to make various cutouts on the paper bags to create the snowflakes.

Paper Bag Snowflakes


  • paper bags, lunch sack size or smaller
  • hot glue gun, plus extra glue sticks
  • clear fishing wire
  • dot sized sticky velcro
  • sewing pins
  • heavy duty scissors


  • Glue 6-8 paper bags, the folded side up, placing the glue in a capital 'T' and then placing the next paper bag over top making a stack.
  • Cut out the design of the snowflake you'd like. I cut about 1-2 inches off of the bottom where the opening of the paper bags were to make the snowflakes various sizes.
  • When the design is finished, apply the dot sized velcro on both sides of the bag. Attach one side of the velco on the front side of the stack of paper bags; and apply the other side of the velcro to the back side of the stack in the same spot.
  • Spead open and attach the velcro together. If you'd like to hang the snowflakes from the ceiling, hot glue some fishing wire to the top of the snowflake and then using sewing pins attach the other end of the fishing wire to the pin and push the pin into the ceiling. Using sewing pins will keep from creating noticable holes in the ceiling.


  • Adding more bags causes the snowflake to be fuller, but depending on the design of the cutouts could make it difficult to see the design. I prefer the snowflakes that only had 6 bags. If I had to do it over again, I would’ve made all of the snowflakes with only 6 bag bundles.
  • Velcro is not needed to fasten the snowflakes, you could staple them together or hot glue the back and front together, but I decided on small pieces of velcro so I could disassemble them and store them in our holiday totes to use again for next year.
  • You could also decorate the paper bags if you’d like, splatter paint, or sprinkle glitter over the snowflakes.  I preferred the plain paper bags because our holiday decor is more of a rustic farm type.

I found my paper bags at Walmart, but I know there is a whole variety of colors and sizes of paper bags if you Google it. I am contemplating making some white paper bag snowflakes to hang in my living room over my piano. We will see.

Do you have any favorite holiday crafts you like to do with your family? Have you made these snowflakes before? Hope y’all are having an amazing week, stay safe, be kind, and hug your loved ones.

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