Friday Favorites

I have to admit, I am totally distracted at the moment because I am attempting to write this post while cheering the Vegas Golden Knights in the 4th game of their playoffs.  I definitely am not a multitasker!  But I just have to share this week’s favorites.  Most of them are practical and have definitely aided in making my mom life easier.

As much as I absolutely adore my wedding ring set, there are a few situations that I would rather not wear it.  In place, I wear a silicone band set.  There are many different brands and most all of them cater to both men and women.  I prefer the QALO brand.  I gifted Mr. Man a men’s QALO ring before he left for his first deployment and he wore it the entire time.  He also wears it working out and whenever he is doing yard work.  I like to wear mine during workouts, yard work, and when I run outside.

Several years ago I had an odd allergic reaction to the EOS lip balm.  My lips and the skin around my lips became deep maroonish red and blimped out like Farrah Abraham’s banana lips.  In hindsight, I should’ve gone to the doctor, but the stubborn Norwegian came out and I kept putting it off.  Instead, I spent an obscene amount of money attempting home remedies and trying any and all types of lip balms.  In the end, the winner was the C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Lip Balm.  I usually purchase it as Bath and Body Works where you buy 3 you get one free, but it is so popular that they have been sold out every time I go.  So I decided when in doubt Amazon puts out.

One of the biggest topics fought over in my house is…where is the remote?!  And if you have a dark colored couch like I do then it is difficult to find a remote, even if its just laying on a cushion.  Shortly after we purchased the Fire Stick I received a suggestion from Amazon that I might like a silicone cover for it.  This peaked my interest, not only because I have a couple of children who feel the need to stick the remote in their mouths when they are bored (eye roll), but the color of the covers gave me an epiphany.  If I purchased the brightest color for the Roku and Fire Stick remotes they would be a lot more visible on the furniture.  And…guess what?!  We haven’t lost any remotes since the covers were placed on the remotes (knock on wood).

Ever since Goob was born I have been listening to Audible non-stop.  In the past, I would use my monthly credits for books the whole family could listen to.  Some of our favorites are the Leven Thumps series, Series of Unfortunate Events and Tennis Shoes Amongst the Nephites.  Lately though, mostly because I can’t seem to keep my eyes open when I am reading a book, I’ve been listening to Audible for myself.  My current favorite book is Stephenie Meyer’s new book The Chemist.  If you are unfamiliar with Audible, you sign up for a monthly subscription of $14.95 a month and you get a book credit for each month.  This enables you to download and own a book, that is any price…could be less than the $14.95 or more…or if you choose not to download a book that month, the credit rolls over til you use it.  Also…you own the audiobook outright whether you purchased it with your monthly credit or your credit card.  Audible has a vast array of audiobooks ranging from fiction/nonfiction, self-help, children’s, biographies, mystery etc.  I also love Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat book on Audible as well.

As I am approaching my 40s…I have really taken an obsession to skincare.  Fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots are my problem areas.  This Glamglow Gravity Mud Mask is amazing for my fine lines.  Plus it totally makes me look like an alien with its silver pigment.  Win-win as a boy mom.  The amigos cannot decide if I look cool or scary when I have the mask on.  Either way, it’s now in my weekly skincare routine.

What are your favorites this week?  Anything that you are excited to try out for the summer months?  We are going to be spending some time at the beach and I would love any suggestions that would make my mom life easier with 4 kids and a husband while there?  Hope y’all have an amazing weekend!

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