Missed Spiritual Promptings

I have been obsessed with personal revelation and spiritual promptings for a few years now. I have had an overwhelming desire to grow closer to Heavenly Father and have His hand in my everyday life so I can be a spiritual light for my family.

Irony is what it is called when you continually pray to be open and receptive to the Holy Ghost and His promptings, but then you miss them…completely.

I guess I could say I missed these particular promptings because I’m a novice at recognizing the ever-present promptings. Or maybe my expectations of promptings are too great; assuming that every spiritual encounter is powerfully obvious.

As I am learning though, spiritual promptings most often seem to be constant tappings on your heart. For me, promptings are mostly subtle and I typically don’t recognize that it was a prompting from the Holy Ghost until afterward. The one constant is the continual tapping-the nagging feeling-that won’t subside until I act on the thought. In the past I’ve just assumed that those heart tappings were my own obsessive thoughts; but as I study and grow closer to the Spirit and repeatedly desire and ask for guidance and spiritual promptings, I’m growing and noticing the signs more often.

The Holy Ghost is a still small voice and it takes being still to hear and feel it. Satan is truly doing everything in his power to drowned out the Holy Ghost, but the Lord does not compete with Satan. He knows His promptings will be heard and acted upon by the faithful who’s ears are open and who’s hearts feel the constant tapping.

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