Friday Favorites

This week’s Friday Favorites are all over the place.  I’ve been spending the last 2 weeks driving to and from the hospital every day.  So all of these items have been a lifesaver as I have been spending as much time with my dad as possible.  He’ll have one more week of recovery at the hospital from his double bypass surgery and then he will be at my house for at least a week before he and mom head back home to Idaho.


These first two items go hand-in-hand.  The DULLA battery pack holds 4 charges for an iPhone X and has a flashlight built in.  I also purchased the Anleo case to house the battery pack so it doesn’t bounce around in my handbag and get scratched up.  Both items have been a huge lifesaver while I’ve been running everywhere lately.

These Converse Chucks in white have been my go-to shoe of choice lately.  Comfortable, stylish, and functional.  I’ve worn them with jeans, linen capris, and even a dress.  I am normally a 7.5 in shoes, but in the Chucks, I had to size down to a 6.5.  The 7’s were even too large.

Throughout the last 2 weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Pandora and Audible.  I’ve also attempted to complete homework.  But when the anxiety was high and I needed a mindless release, I’ve been playing this app called Pixel Art.  It’s a free app available for iPhone and Android.  It’s quite fun and addictive.

Two of my boys have overactive oral senses.  Bean was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was 3 years old and one of his coping mechanisms is to chew on things.  Although YoYo does not have the SPD diagnosis, he too chews like crazy.  Both boys bite their fingernails, chew on their shirts, as well as pens and pencils.  YoYo even likes to chew on the silicone remote covers we have for our Roku and Amazon Fire Stick.  A few years ago I stumbled across Arc Therapeutic and have been a customer ever since.  We’ve purchased pencil toppers and chewelry from them.  They have all sorts of silicone firmness, colors and a variety of tools for all ages and both boys and girls.  Utilizing these have saved a lot of clothing from becoming destroyed.  While children who have SPD benefit greatly from chewing tools, children definitely do not need to have SPD or another developmental disorder to use these.  They are wonderful for anyone who chews on things.  There are also chewies for babies as well.

What are your favorites for the week?  Anything you are absolutely loving for this summer?  Write me and let me know if there are any items I need to check out.  Have a Happy Friday friends!

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