Mother’s Day Gifts

Every mom loves feeling appreciated, especially on Mother’s Day; but trying to decide on what to get mom can be difficult.  There is always the easy, predictable route of flowers, chocolates or chocolate covered fruit and a card.  Or…you can maybe be a little creative this Mother’s Day.

I absolutely love taking baths.  It gives me an opportunity to decompress and not be bothered by kiddos for a while.  Bath bombs and bubble bath are definitely a favorite.  Bath bombs have become so popular that they can be found at Target, Walmart, Walgreens etc.  But if you want to make the mom in your life to feel special, Lush has an amazing selection of bath products.  They have a huge selection of bath bombs, bubble bath bars as well as a variety of lotions, scrubs, and masks.  My absolute number one product is their Sleepy Lotion.  It is lavender scented and super thick without being greasy.  The bath bombs start at $5.95 and the Sleepy Lotion at $9.95.

If your mom/wife isn’t a bath person, then jewelry is usually a hit.  Personally, when I have been gifted jewelry for Mother’s Day, I truly love the pieces that come from small businesses and are handmade.  Two of my favorite brands are The Vintage Pearl and Nickel and Suede.  Right now The Vintage Pearl is offering 10% off your entire order for Mother’s Day.  And Nickel and Suede’s earrings for May are their Champagne Shimmer teardrops for $18.

Candles are another treat that a lot of women love.  Personally, I love the candles from Bath and Body Works.  They are chic and good quality without being super expensive.  Another plus is Bath and Body Works always has some sort of sale going on, plus you can double up on the sale and use coupons.

Some women would love a handbag as a Mother’s Day gift.  A high street brand that I love is Henri Bendel.  Their bags are amazing quality and their prices are on point.  One of my favorite bags they came out with for Spring season is the Cooper Adjustable Zip Flap Satchel.  It’s made out of pebbled leather with their signature silky fabric interior.  Henri Bendel always has a sale going on as well.  Right now they are doing 10% off and a free gift if you spend $200 or more.

One of the age-old rules is ‘never give a woman an appliance as a gift’.  But…depending on the appliance I would love receiving one as a gift for Mother’s Day; especially an appliance that would make cooking or cleaning a lot easier.  One kitchen appliance I have been raving about nonstop is an Instapot.  It is seriously the best kitchen appliance I have.  I use it 3-4 times a week, sometimes more.  I haven’t touched my crockpot in months because I am always using my Instapot.  My Instapot can slow cook, steam veggies and rice, perfectly hard boil eggs in 3 minutes, saute and make homemade yogurt.

Another creative gift is a monthly subscription to something.  Mr. Man signed me up for a food box one Mother’s Day to come the entire time he was deployed.  It was a little thoughtful reminder each month that he sent while he was away.  I absolutely loved it!

One monthly subscription box I’ve been getting for a few years is Boxycharm.  Boxycharm is a monthly beauty box that is $21 for 5-6 full-size products.  The total of the products in the box each month is always well over $100.  The products are also always makeup, beauty, and skin care products that are higher end and can usually be found at Ulta and/or Sephora.

Another beauty/lifestyle subscription box is fabfitfun.  This box is a quarterly box for $49.99.  I was subscribed to this box for a year and it was fun seeing all the various goodies that would come.  The value of each box is over $200 each time.  Various items that have been in the box have been makeup and beauty products, fitness type products, jewelry, and clothing accessories such as scarfs.

If the lady in your life is a fur mom then another monthly subscription is PawPost.  While I have not personally subscribed to this monthly box, it intrigues me.  It does ship from the UK so I can’t speak to what the shipment time is, but they have options for dog moms and cat moms.  The monthly box starts out at $31.28 a month including shipping.

Stationary can be a wonderful gift for the ladies who love to journal, scrapbook or is an avid bullet journal/planner.  Personally, I have utilized a paper journal/planner for over 2 decades.  I tried the digital route several years ago, and I couldn’t get on board.  There is just something so satisfying writing things down and crossing them off once they are done.  A monthly subscription box for the planners is the Papergang.  This subscription box is another one from the UK and starts at $21.61 monthly.  A fun aspect Papergang does is for every month you pay for, it helps pay for a quarter of a tree to be planted.  So after 4 months of a subscription, a whole tree is paid for to be planted.

For the foodie moms, a monthly subscription box I’ve thoroughly enjoyed was from Candy Club.  This box starts out at $29.99 a month and they ship you 3 gourmet candies.  You can pick which ones you’d like each month.  Right now they are offering $15 off your first box.  My kids loved when this box would arrive each month as well.

All of these subscription boxes can be canceled at any time without any penalty.  You just have to be sure to cancel before you are charged for your next month.

Honestly, the best Mother’s Day present I receive is that I am not allowed to change any diapers the whole 24 hours of Mother’s Day.  Mr. Man gifts me that for every Mother’s Day and birthday whenever we have kids in diapers.  That is seriously the best gift I have ever been given!

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