Summer Fun

I am always looking for fun…yet cheap things to do with my kids during summer.  Not much else is more annoying when kids constantly whine and say things like ‘what are we going to do today?’  Or ‘I’m bored mom, what can I do?’  And like the good mom that I am…whenever any of my amigos says something along those lines I follow it up with ‘well, there is laundry that needs to be folded and toilets and showers that need to be scrubbed.’  A personal philosophy of mine is a toilet can never be scrubbed too many times…especially when 5 boys live under 1 roof.

When my kids’ school sent their weekly newsletter last Friday and there was a link for Kids Bowl Free, I became super excited.  Each child that signs up for Kids Bowl Free, is eligible to bowl 2 free games every day for the whole summer.  I wanted to share this amazing deal.  Just head on over to their website, look up your city and select the bowling alley that you’d like to attend.  The only catch is not every city participates in this program.  Unfortunately, the closest bowling alley that participates in the Las Vegas area is all the way down in Boulder City…the small town you drive through on your way to tour Hoover Dam.  As of right now, not one bowling alley in the whole of Las Vegas or Henderson participates in Kids Bowl Free program.  That aspect does not stop me from sharing this with all of you though.  Head on over and check if your town/city participates.  Just click on the image above.

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