Friday Favorites-Fitness Edition


Now that I have started back into working out, I thought I would share some of my fitness favorites.  Now, none of these things are necessary to workout; but they all sure make my workouts easier in some way or another.  Whoever said running was a cheap sport, was definitely not a runner.



The FlipBelt is by far my most favorite workout accessory.  It holds my phone, keys, money, etc.  I found it when I went searching for something that would hold my phone when my armband wouldn’t stay on my arm halfway through a long run.  I’ve used my FlipBelt for half marathons, for weightlifting, hiking.  It really has come in handy.

The gym I go to does provide towels, but I can be kind of a germ-a-phobe.  So I decided I needed to start bringing my own.  The Mission Cooling Towels have been the best.  They are amazing, dry quickly and launder easy.  They also don’t smell over time like cotton towels do.

I like to sometimes drink a preworkout drink to boost my workouts.  And then if I did strength training I will have a protein shake afterward.  Blender Bottles are amazing for mixing up powder in liquid.  Also, side tip, I will use a Blender Bottle to mix up flour or cornstarch with a liquid for cooking.

Strength training can be intimidating; especially lifting free weights instead of using machines.  If you decide to begin, a lifting belt is amazing.  There are several different types, but I prefer a fabric one that can be laundered.  I also like this particular one because it has velcro to fasten it instead of a buckle.

When weight lifting I like using gloves.  Not only because I really prefer not to have dry calloused hands, but also lifting gloves also give me a better grip on the weights.  These particular ones have a leather palm and are size adjustable.

The first Vegas Rock’n’Roll half marathon I ran, my headphones crapped out at mile 11.  The last 2 miles were excruciatingly boring.  That’s when I decided to invest in headphones that were more than $10.  I know these Beats headphones are spendy, but they are well worth the money, and their battery life is AMAZING!

My gym has a problem.  There are plenty of lifting bars, but never enough clamps.  Somehow they just disappear.  I was so sick of search, and/or fighting for bar clamps so I could bench that I decided to invest in some of my own.  The other plus is these are SO easy to clamp on and off…and I’ve never once pinched my fingers when using them.

Fortunately, or maybe, unfortunately, there is plenty of accessories available to use during a workout.  Some of them are just gimmicks, but some of them make your workout so much easier.  Do you use anything that makes your workouts easier/or better?  Lemme know so I can check it out!

And Happy Friday!

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