Updating the Kitchen Island

My kitchen island is easily the most favorite aspect of my home.  It is what sold me on our house.  In fact, Mr. Man was the one who first walked through the model home with the same layout and as soon as he walked in and took one look at the kitchen he knew I’d love it.  By that time, we had walked through all of the model homes in the community we were hoping to buy/build in.  Nothing took our breath away.  But Mr. Man knew that I always wanted a kitchen island where I could roll out the dough for my cinnamon rolls without having to divide the dough because the counter was too small.  He knew I wanted a big enough kitchen island where the amigos could gather for breakfast while I stood on the other side making their sack lunches, he knew I wanted a big enough kitchen island where homework could be completed while I prepared dinner.  Well, folks, this island is a whopping 10 feet long…and I LOVE IT!  Within the first year of moving in, we went nuts painting.  This is the first home we’ve owned.  We never felt comfortable purchasing before because we never knew just how long we would be stationed at each location.  So we had had our fair share of white walls and crazy color walls.  We could not wait to put our touch on our first home.  Most of our house is decorated in variations of gray and I love the two tones of gray on my first floor.  But this island has seen better days.  Mr. Man and I have been discussing how we’d like to update the first floor and we are starting with my favorite kitchen island.  We are going to tear off the baseboards and cover up the stucco.  Below are some ideas that we really love and are seriously thinking about doing to the island.

I absolutely love the look of the segmented panels.  The barn door X on the sides gets me every time!  Brings aesthetics to the piece without adding too much frill.  It would also be easy to add that to my island.  My island also has rounded corners (which I loathe) so covering them up with paneling would be an easy fix to hide those.

Adding some shelving to the end of the island also appeals to me.  It would be the perfect place for my many cookbooks as well as some fun little pieces for Goob to grab and play with while I’m in the kitchen.

There is plenty more that we would like to change/update all over the house, so come along with me on this journey and watch how we update our home.  Hope y’all are having an amazing week.


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