Katie Marie

10 Weirdly Interesting Things About Me

#1-I once bought a metal detector from Walmart to help my sister search for her car keys that she had lost while sledding down Old Main Hill at Utah State University.  We never found the keys, I returned the used metal detector, and my parents weren’t terribly happy I aided and abetted my sister in her shenanigans.

#2-Qualifying for and then running in the Bostom Marathon is at the top of my bucket list.

#3-My first job was at age 13, sharing a newspaper route with my sister.  Every Saturday dad would help us fold the papers, drive us around and then take us to get donuts.  Best job I’ve ever had.  Who wouldn’t want to get paid in donuts?!

#4-I have to eat m&ms in even numbers.  Doesn’t matter if it’s plain, peanut or caramel flavored, eating them in odd numbers causes me anxiety.  If there is one m&m left I will not eat it, no matter how much I want to.  Pretty much my only major OCD issue I cannot overcome.

#5-I have played the piano for the last 30 years.

#6-When I was a kid, my dad told us that eating green beans would put hair on our chest.  I didn’t want to disappoint and definitely wanted to win the hairy chest contest among my siblings.  I downed my green beans like crazy, it wasn’t until I was 9 years old when I finally learned that girls are not supposed to have hairy chests.  By then I had learned to like green beans.

#7-My sophomore year in high school, I tore my ACL playing soccer.  I accomplished this by stepping into a dip in the ground where pipe sprinklers go.  So…I pretty much tore my ACL falling into a hole.

#8-I am the Penny in my family.  My sister is a nuclear medical physicist.  I have a brother who is a mechanical engineer, another who is a computer engineer, and the youngest is in school to become an architect.  So just like Penny on the Big Bang Theory, I am surrounded by brainy people.  I was even born in Nebraska…just like Penny.

#9-I am a HUGE foodie! …donuts and tacos are my favorite.

#10-In another life I totally would’ve gone to cullinary arts school.  Cooking and creating yummy foods is a major passion of mine.  Every single one of my siblings is extremely artistic in some way or another, the way I channel my artistic side is through creating meals.  Because I didn’t go to cullinary arts school, I binge watch Food Network religiously.

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