Friday Faves

This week’s favorites are kind of an eclectic group; a little beauty, a little baby, a little fashion and a favorite food.  Any way it’s sliced, these are favorites, have made my life either easier or happier or both.  And let’s be honest…food, especially a new favorite food ALWAYS makes me happy!

First up is dry shampoo, and let’s face it…dry shampoo is a product that people are very picky about.  Either it gives too much texture, doesn’t suck up the oils enough, and/or it causes a white cast on your roots.  I’ve tried just about every kind.  The Triple Sec from Drybar was perfect in texture and oil control, but the fragrance is so strong and lingered all day long.  By the end of the day, I had a horrible migraine from it.  Batiste Dry Shampoo smells amazing but didn’t touch the oil on my scalp…it also made my roots look grey even though I had fresh color on them.  I even tried the Batiste made for brunettes, while that didn’t leave a white cast on my roots the brunette tint stuck to my scalp and if I sweat even just a little bit the tint would run down my face.  Oribe, Big Sexy Hair, Kenra, Dove…they all weren’t perfect.  Then I found this Chi Dry Shampoo for Color Treated Hair; just enough texture, amazing fragrance, no white cast and even better…it seemed to help prolong the color treatment on my hair.  I can also use it multiple days in a row without washing my hair and it doesn’t build up in my hair or scalp.

Number two on the favorites list is pretty much anything from Sun Bum.  I’ve been using their sunscreen and sea texture spray for years, and when I found that they have a baby line I dove right in.  I love that this baby shampoo is a foaming shampoo, it is super gentle and the fragrance is amazing.  Baby smell is just about the best thing ever, well this shampoo and it’s matching Baby Bum lotion makes babies smell even better.

We had a little rain last week here in Vegas and while a Vegas girl in rainboots seems like a bad punchline to a joke, I absolutely love Chooka Boots.  They are just as good quality as Hunter Boots, but they are half to a third of the price.  They also accommodate muscular calves a lot easier than Hunter Boots.  I’ve also used my Chooka Boots as makeshift snow boots.  When a desert girl visits her Idaho family in December and it snows the entire time, she wants/needs protection for her piggy toes.  Wearing wool socks inside my Chookas kept my feet warm and dry in the snow.

I am a water drinker…like a HUGE water drinker.  On top of that, I like my water ice cold, and it bothers me to have a tumbler that doesn’t keep my water cold and/or sweats from condensation on the outside.  While I do have a Hydroflask and absolutely love it; it is big and clunky.  I purchased a Yeti 30oz Tumbler around Thanksgiving time last year and it quickly became my number one water container.  I have mine in the baby pink color.

My last favorite for this week is these barkTHINS.  I am a sucker for dark chocolate, the darker the better…and I am a bigger sucker for chocolate with mint, so when I saw these right by a checkout line at the grocery store I had to try them.  So…now I am an addict.  I’ve purchased a bag of these almost every day since.  They have other flavors such as chocolate and coconut, chocolate almond and sea salt; but my favorite is the mint flavor.  Costco sells the chocolate almond and sea salt flavor in a big bag.  It is probably a good thing it isn’t the mint.


What are your favorites for the week?  Anything I absolutely need to try out?  If you try any of these, let me know how you like them.  Happy weekend friends!

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