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Long before I ever even considered becoming a blogger, myself, I began reading others’ blogs.  For me, I felt like I was connected to them, I laughed when they were laughing and I cried when they were going through hardships.  I celebrated when they had huge milestones and accomplishments.  Since then, I followed quite a few of them to YouTube when they began their channels.  Even though I am seriously addicted, OK that seems extreme, to their YouTube channels, I still find myself going back to their blogs time and time again.  I love connecting with them through their posts, trying recipes they post and stylish tips and tricks they suggest.  It gives me a sort of feeling like I’m catching up with girlfriends.  Read on to see my favorites list, go to their blogs, show them the amazing support y’all have shown me thus far.

Chase Amie is one of many fashion bloggers I love to follow.  Her blog is not only sleek and colorful but has a variety of content.  She also has a YouTube channel where her fun personality is showcased.  She is located in London and it is fun to observe her take on fashion vs the individuals I follow who are stateside.  She specializes in luxury items, and I love listening to her reviews and opinions on popular fashion houses.  To head to her blog, click on her photo.  To watch her latest YouTube video, click on her name.

Lydia Elise Millen is another British fashion blogger I follow.  I first found her on YouTube and then followed her to her blog.  She, too, has a love of luxury and her channel shows quite a bit if it.  But her blog is so much more than luxury.  While I love a good ‘what’s in my bag’ video or a luxury makeup review, I also love Lydia’s blog.  She touches on a variety of topics including home decor, emotional wellbeing, fitness and food and fashion.  I just love her personality and her new husband Ali Gordon is super cute with her too.  Click on her photo to access her blog and click on her name to access her YouTube channel.

I am a huge foodie and am constantly looking for new individuals to follow who have the same affinity towards food as I do.  Sally’s Baking Addiction is jam-packed with amazing recipes.  Sally is super talented in creating and modifying recipes.  She also has a wide variety of recipes from appetizers and salads to entrees and desserts.  I love following her on Instagram as well.  Click on her photo to be linked to her blog.

Jamielyn is the author of I Heart Naptime blog.  She too has amazing recipes, she just posted about ricotta pancakes and I am dying to try them.  Jamielyn also blogs about lifestyle, DIY and home decor.  She is super talented and has an amazing eye for decor.  She even has her own published cookbook, which is AWESOME!  To be linked to her blog, click on her photo.  Go check out her ricotta pancake recipe and let me know how much you love it.

Kate has been a savior for my hair.  She is a professional hair stylist, a beauty enthusiast, and mom to 3 beautiful littles.  I absolutely love her hair tips and tricks and she has developed several cute updos and half updos.  Anything she recommends for hair, I pretty much go and purchase immediately because everything I have bought due to her recommendations has not failed me.  She too has a YouTube channel, but she is more active on her blog.  Go check out her current post about how to best texturize straight hair.

If you love all things home decor, Lauren McBride is your girl.  She has been updating her East Coast beach home and I am in love with it all.  It makes me want a beach home like something fierce.  She also has such cute style and her Instagram stories are absolutely adorable.  She spends a lot of time with her 3 kiddos.  Her little family is so precious and she is so involved with them.  Lauren recently had a baby, like me, and has quite a lot of blog posts about dressing the mom-bod.  It’s been super helpful since I had Goob.  To see her recommendations on the best nursing friendly bathing suits, click on her photo to be linked to her blog.


Who are some of your favorite bloggers?  Or YouTubers?  I’d love to hear suggestions.  I’m always on the hunt for another blog to subscribe to.  Have a happy Wednesday friends!

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