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Yesterday was the first official day of summer, and of course in true Vegas style, it was also the hottest thus far coming in at 111 degrees F.  At that temperature, you head to the pool, hunker down inside or escape to the air-conditioned movie theater.  We spent the day at the pool and Goob was a champ for it being his first time.  He stayed in the shade the whole time with me while the 3 amigos swam, but there wasn’t any crying, he just laid by me enjoying the mom time and being shirtless.  Dying to find out this week’s top favorites?  Keep scrolling…

These first two go hand in hand.  I love having a good tan, but now that I am older…and a little bit wiser…I never tan in the sun or in a tanning bed.  I like not having skin cancer.  But I have to admit that sunless, self-tanner was extremely intimidating to me.  I 1-did not want to end up streaky and end up looking like a zebra, and 2-I didn’t want to pick the wrong tone for my complexion and find myself a little oompa loompa-ish.  I did my research and watched a million YouTube videos on technique and product review.  Quite a few people recommended Loving Tan, but when I finally found the nerve to try DIY tanning I didn’t want to wait around for something to arrive in the mail.  So I purchased my St. Tropez at my local Ulta.  I wanted something that would develop fairly quickly and I could also see the color while applying it so I could watch for missed spots and streaks.  Every YouTube video I watched recommended using a mitten, and quite a few people said this mitten was their favorite, even above the Loving Tan mitten.  While I am definitely not a DIY tanning expert, I will link below a couple of videos I watched that helped me out tremendously.

The technique I ended up mostly using was Jaclyn Hill’s.  It was the easiest and most foolproof, in my opinion.

Keeping my skin hydrated is also a must for me, especially in the summer.  Not only will lotion keep your skin smooth and hydrated but if you do self-tan then it will help prolong your tan.  I am loving this lotion at the moment.  My favorite is Philosophy’s Ballet Rose, but when I last went to Ulta to purchase a new bottle, they were all out.  So I picked the Pure Grace Endless up instead, and it smells like summer!

Loopy Case’s new blossom pattern is my next favorite.  It doesn’t come in the iPhone 6/6 plus, so I ordered in the iPhone 7/8 plus and it fits wonderfully for my 6s plus.  I am so obsessed with Loopy Cases, the loop makes it SO easy to keep from dropping my phone while my arms are full.  They also have free shipping for $40+ orders.

My final favorite for the week is this Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Sugar-Sugar.  This is a new product for Marc Jacobs; he has Sugar-Sugar in his liquid lip gloss and that color is my favorite.  But there is something about the formula of this gloss stick.  The color payoff is better than the liquid and I actually feel like it does nourish and hydrate my lips as well as give them the summertime glossy look.  I picked mine up at Sephora.

What are some of your favorites this week?  Anything you can’t live without during the summer months?  Hope y’all are having a happy Friday.


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