Friday Favorites

This week has been a week full of fun and family time.  We’ve been in Central and Southern California all week…and it has been heavenly.  Our family has been in desperate need of relaxation and no drama.  It has been nice rounding out a crazy June with a vacation.  For this week’s favorites, I discovered a few of them in an effort to aid in vacation activities as well as keep my OCD levels at a minimum.

I LOVE the beach…but I loathe sand.  I feel the same way about playing in the sand as I do about playing in snow…it’s grand at the time, but it needs to stay where it is meant to stay and not come home with me.  Sandy soaked towels drive me crazy!  So I wanted to have a nice blanket type mat that would repel the sand.  This Mad Grit mat is exactly what I was hoping for.  It is huge, and it does exactly what it says it does…repels the sand.  It is made out of parachute-type material and doesn’t heat up with the sun.  Whether the sand is dry or wet, it just rolls right off.  BY THE WAY…that baby powder Pinterest hack that is supposed to get the sand off of your skin by sprinkling baby powder and rubbing it in…TOTALLY WORKS!!!

This neoprene tote bag was another amazing vacation find.  I am a handbag addict and I am a handbag snob…unfortunately…so I didn’t want to bring any of my bags to the beach.  I wanted something that was cute, yet durable, something I could use not only to put various accessories in but also could fill to the max with baby stuff.  I ended up using this bag as sort of a beach diaper bag.  It worked wonders and is super easy to clean.  I will definitely be using this often, I am even thinking of using it as a gym bag.

I am blind as a bat!  My eyesight has become so hindered that if I don’t wear my contacts while I shower, I cannot shower.  I cannot see where the shampoo and conditioner are, I cannot see to shave; last time I attempted to shower without my contacts in, instead of putting body wash on my loofa, I accidentally poured shower cleaner on it instead.  Thus, I wear my contacts A LOT more often than I probably should.  Which also means I have to flush my eyes of foreign objects quite often as well.  These eye drops are A.MAZING with a capital A.  It is an interesting feeling when they are applied because they are cooling eye drops…and these came in handy this week when we were at the beach.  I usually purchase mine at Target, but now that they are a prime product and you get 3 in the box, that is a way better deal than Target.

Going to bed, or putting on socks with dried heels is not a pleasant feeling.  I have been using this lotion on my feet for years.  I’ve tried other types and brands, but I keep coming back to this one.  I’ve purchased it at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Amazon…I am sure it is found just about everywhere.  I also use this lotion on my hands when they begin to crack from washing them a lot or after a long day of deep cleaning the house.

I do not like to put my handbags on the ground or the floor of my car.  I baby my bags like crazy and feel like they become ruined over time if they are on the floor.  So I invested in some bag hooks for my car.  These have done the trick.  They are great at holding my handbags, or a diaper bag, or grocery bags…they also don’t scratch the leather on my seats.

What are some of your favorites for the week?  Do you have any products that are an absolute must for vacations and/or the beach?  And have you tried the baby powder trick?  Did it work for you?  Hope y’all are having an amazing Friday.


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