Homeschool 101: Educational Subscription Boxes

Just like with everything else when it comes to education, and as professional educators can attest to, coming up with creative ways to teach and engage your students/children is one of the most effective ways for them to learn. With all of us social distancing at the moment, and most school districts distance learning in the country; coming up with any way possible to teach and/or reinforce learning and education is a HUGE must. Since I am a homeschool mom, I thought I’d continue this Homeschool 101: tricks and tips. To see my other posts about education at home, see below

This week, I want to highlight my top favorite educational subscription boxes. Monthly or quarterly subscription boxes have become extremely popular and can be found in almost any genre. I have a whole list of educational subscription boxes that I absolutely love.

KiwiCo is probably one of the most well-known STEM monthly subscription boxes. They cater to all ages and as well as a variety of subjects; from art and design to geography and culture. Don’t forget all things STEM. Right now they are offering 15% off with code LEARN.

Booster Bricks is by far one of my kids’ top favorite subscription boxes. Booster Bricks is a LEGO® based subscription. While it is toys, it offers so much more. Each month comes with 6 challenges that all surround that month’s theme; Premier, Minifig, Microbuild, Blindfold Build, Spotlight Piece, and story booklet. This monthly subscription definitely engages creativity and spontaneity.

If you have a kiddo who is ALL things technology and gaming, then Bitsbox is for them. This is a fun subscription box that teaches kids early coding techniques. Bitsbox allows technology-driven kids to engage in fun while learning basic computer programming.

If your child has a love of cooking and baking, then Raddish Kids is the answer. Each month’s box includes 3 recipes, kitchen tools, culinary skills, and complete grocery lists for each recipe. Their site also contains plenty of add-ons as well, extra recipes and fun.

In case you hadn’t heard, Amazon provides just about everything anyone could ever need or want…including subscription boxes. From comics and toys to beauty and household goods; Amazon truly has it all. My most favorite has to be their Prime Book Boxes for kids. You can choose a 1 month, 2-month, or 3-month subscription as well as the age group or reading level for your child. I currently have 2 book worms and they each have their own subscription that arrives every 3 months. You can allow Amazon to choose the books for you, or you can choose.

While there are a ton of other educational subscription boxes out there, the purpose of the boxes is to not only educate, but also enlight and engage children. Learning isn’t just worksheets and tests, education and learning can easily be full of fun and wonder. Do you have an educational subscription box that you absolutely love?

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