Dressing the Mom-Bod

Getting dressed isn’t always a fun adventure, especially if your body type isn’t the body type you want.  Choosing clothes that look good and fit can feel like a chore.  It has definitely caused me anxiety and discomfort a time or two.  Jeans have been my arch nemesis over the years.  It took me a long time to find the right fit and brand that is comfortable, durable and looks stylish on my body.  For a long while, leggings were my go-to; but leggings aren’t a kosher option in most every situation other than running to and from school drop off/pick up and the gym.  Let’s face it, leggings are amazing and comfortable, but they look just like glorified pjs…and I am guilty of partaking of the pjs look.  When you want to look more put together there are a few tips and tricks I have learned and would love to share.

The color dusty pink is everywhere right now.  I’ve heard it called millennial pink…but I’m not a millennial, so dusty pink it is.  This hue is a color any skin tone can pull off.  The key is to find the dusty pink that has more blue and purple undertones, not red and orange.  Dusty pink will make blue and green eyes pop and bring out the rosiness in anyone’s cheeks.  I find I don’t need blush when I wear this color.

This photo is a faux suede bomber jacket from Zappos, a chiffon top from a daily boutique, Hudson jeans from Zappos, Marc Fisher LTD wedge sandals from Nordstroms and the necklace is Miranda Frye.





This photo is a military-style jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, distressed white t-shirt from Amazon, Hudson jeans from Zappos, Marc Fisher LTD wedge sandals from Nordstrom.








Another tip I use almost all of the time is to layer.  This can be difficult as the weather heats up, especially living in Las Vegas…but while the weather is mild I layer like crazy.  A boyfriend blazer, structured blazer, cardigan, bomber jacket etc. are all wonderful options.  I particularly like the lighter weight jackets because then I can wear a longsleeved shirt or a sweater underneath.

This photo has a boyfriend jersey jacket from Topshop in the color oatmeal, with a camo print t-shirt underneath, Hudson Jeans from Nordstrom’s Rack, and Steve Madden Wedgie sneakers from Zappos.  The jewelry is Miranda Frye.





Demin on denim is still a trend that is going strong.  The only catch is don’t wear the same hue of denim on top and bottom.  Well, at least that is my opinion.  I am definitely no fashionista, and maybe I feel this way because I lived through the 80s; but if you want to do denim on denim, I think it looks best in an outfit like this.  Not only did I pair a blue denim button-up top with white denim jeans, but the textures and weight of each item are different as well.

The denim top is from Target, the white denim pants are Kan Can jeans from Amazon and the shoes are Steve Madden Wedgie sneakers.  The jewelry is Miranda Frye.





A fun sweater or sweatshirt always adds appeal to an outfit.  I am loving both of these tops.  Each one has cut-outs, but the red one is the cold shoulder trend and the right one is random distressed holes.  Both of these tops are lightweight, and great options for spring.

This photo is a sweatshirt material top with cold shoulder cut outs and ruffles from Nordstrom, the jeans are Hudson jeans from Nordstrom’s Rack, the shoes are Steve Madden Wedgie sneakers from Zappos.






This photo is a sweater from Norstrom, Hudson jeans from Nordstrom’s Rack and Birkenstock sandals from Nordstrom.  The jewelry is Miranda Frye.








My last tip is to find jeans that are midrise, have a little stretch and embrace the size you are.  If you wear jeans that actually fit and not the jeans size you think you are, you will look thinner, more put together and have a lot more confidence.  Over the years I’ve worn sizes from 27 all the way to 33.  I wasn’t excited when I was heavier and wearing 33s, but most people are always shocked to find out I was that size because I didn’t look that size.  I embraced my current size and wore was fit.  My absolute favorite jeans to fit my post-kid body are Kan Can’s and Hudson jeans.  Kan Can’s can be found on Amazon as well as The Buckle.  The price point for Kan Can’s are decent, ranging between $40-$80 depending on the fit, and style.  Hudson jeans are more expensive, but the quality of the jeans completely outweigh the price point.  I have Hudson jeans from 5 years ago that still look like I purchased them yesterday.  Hudson jeans can be found at Nordstrom’s Rack, Nordstroms, Amazon, Zappos and various other department stores.

Whatever you decide to wear, you do you and rock your outfit.  Wear what works for you and your budget; but I promise you that if you take your time, be patient and invest in a few key pieces that you think will last you for years, it will be worth it and make you feel beautiful.






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